This is the social media age, an era where the internet has virtually become the foundation of society. The opportunities across all walks of life are now so limitless that somehow, diversity, not variety, has become the spice of life.


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For Milou Sky, a pop/rock band from Reading, Pennsylvania, a large following on social media has been instrumental in building a loving relationship with their fans and promoting their unique sounds. However, it shouldn’t just be limited to these purposes. With over 100,000 followers on Instagram, a figure that’s constantly growing with each day, they expanded their horizons to helping other artists grow strong followings as well. Despite being in a vastly competitive field where millions of artists are gunning for the same attention and recognition, Milou Sky is confident in its talent and believes the field is large enough for everyone with outstanding value to offer.

The band is a hearty crew of four young men named Ryan Beckett, Zach Ninfo, Liam Meadowcroft, and Nolan Meadowcroft. Following the release of their debut single, Compromise in January 2020, the band has garnered over 2 million streams and counting on SoundCloud ever since.

Fuelled by initial hatred for each other and then a common love of ‘60s rock music, Ryan and Zach, step-brothers, formed the band in their basement as teenagers exploring their passions. Next to join the crew was Liam, whom the brothers initially disliked but he won them over with his love of similar music. They were just a young jam crew at the start and came up with the name “Milou Sky” recently.

Ryan handles the lead guitar and vocals, Liam plays rhythm guitar and does vocals too, and Zach is the king of the drums. Nolan was the last to join the group and has been jamming excellent bass ever since. One of the most inspiring qualities of the group is how much love and enjoy each other’s company, as can be seen on countless homey posts updating their social media pages. They are not just partners – they are best friends building a solid future together.

“We’re always writing and the result is a competitive balance between everyone in the band”, says Ryan. “We enjoy being together and playing music together. We’re inspired by music we like, and we feed off of what we hear to create our own songs and sound.”


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Against all odds

Milou Sky is one of the few growing bands that withstood destabilization during the pandemic. Considering the strong mentorship they had from Grammy award-winning producer Robert Cutarella, they had all the energy they needed to push ahead despite the setbacks. The guys met Cutarella in 2018, in New York, and following months of intense hard work, training, and counseling, they released their first EP, Compromise in 2020.

Just when they were really about to kick off and hit the tours and shows, the pandemic started. However, the band refused to be knocked off course.

“We had some gigs lined up that got canceled, we spent the lockdown writing new material and rehearsing to not get rusty,” Ryan said.

For the future, the band has some really clear-cut goals and an optimistic attitude to steady progress. Their music is first and most important, and they are going to continue doling out new tunes every 6-8 weeks. On influencing, they are making a strong impact by helping other artists while also building a long-lasting relationship with their fans.

Ryan said, “We tend to change our sound without thinking about it, we just naturally grow as people and the music grows with it.”