Rebecca Hall’s “Godzilla X Kong: The New ⁤Empire” has emerged as the top movie ​in ​North America this weekend. The ‌film has managed to rake in a whopping $80 million in receipts, as announced by on Sunday.

Top 10 Movies ⁤in North America

Following closely in ​the second spot is “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire”, which managed to earn $15.7 million.‍ “Dune: Part 2” secured the third spot with $11.1 ‌million, while “Kung Fu Panda 4″⁢ and “Immaculate” rounded off the ⁣top five with $10.2 million ‌and $3.3 million respectively.

The rest of ⁣the top⁣ ten list includes “Arthur the King”​ at No. 6 with $2.4 million, “Late ⁣Night with the Devil”⁢ at No. 7 ‍with $2.2 ​million, “Tillu Square” at‌ No. ⁢8 with $1.9 ⁢million, “Crew” at No. 9 with $1.5 million, and “Imaginary” at No. 10 with $1.4 million.

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