Despite Snapchat’s recent marketing push with the slogan “Less likes, more Snapchat,” advertisers remain uncertain about the platform’s potential.

A month after Snapchat launched its global riposte to social media with the strap line “Less Social Media. More Snapchat,” marketers have been left none the wiser as to whether this is going to ladder up into something for its ads business.

A Snapchat spokesperson stated that the campaign aims to highlight the platform’s appeal to users and marketers alike, emphasizing its comfortable, happy, and connected environment.

Ad Execs’ Perspectives

Of the five ad execs Digiday spoke to for this article, most have yet to hear any pitch.

Some express frustration with the platform’s deliberate silence, seeing it as a missed opportunity to engage advertisers effectively.

Despite Snapchat’s efforts to differentiate itself from traditional social media platforms, it still competes for the same advertising dollars, posing a challenge for its advertising success.

Snapchat’s Challenges and Risks

Snapchat’s revenue growth, while steady, lags behind industry giants like Meta, highlighting the platform’s struggle to conform to industry norms while maintaining its unique identity.

Advertisers often compare Snapchat unfavorably to platforms like TikTok, questioning the platform’s value proposition.

Concerns about Snapchat’s image among advertisers persist, fueled by perceived gaps in measurement tools and a disconnect from industry standards.

The Advertiser Divide

Advertisers’ opinions on Snapchat vary, with some seeing value in its engaged audience while others view it as a secondary platform compared to competitors.

The platform’s image problem with advertisers is more pronounced than with users, reflecting a need for clearer communication and alignment with advertiser needs.

Addressing Concerns

Snapchat has made efforts to improve its advertising offerings, but challenges remain in competing with platforms like Meta and providing comprehensive measurement solutions.

Some advertisers have seen success on Snapchat, citing its unique audience and engagement levels, despite challenges.


Snapchat’s marketing campaign aims to reshape its image and attract advertisers, but its success remains uncertain amidst ongoing challenges and competition from industry giants.