Donald Trump would be the top pick to win the presidency if the U.S. political decision goes to court – which shows the country’s judiciary has an excessive amount of power, American lawyer Alan Dershowitz has said.

The official elections are currently expected to go down to the wire with a handful of closely contested states set to choose the victor among Trump and Joe Biden.

Dershowitz, a legal expert who has spoken to a line of prominent and high-profile figures including Jeffrey Epstein and OJ Simpson believes Biden is the reasonable winner in the Electoral College, however, Trump could beat the competition if the election winds up in the court.

Both are seeking the 270 votes required for a majority in the Electoral College. Biden was serenely ahead in assessments of public sentiment; however, it is proving closer than anticipated, with Trump having won the milestones of Florida, Ohio, and Texas.

“Indeed, I believe almost certainly, Biden will win the electoral votes necessary, yet if it goes to the court, Trump will be the top choice in the courts since he selected a huge number of the judges at all three levels of our system,” said Dershowitz.

Trump made an unverified case on Monday evening of fraud in the elections process. He needed the Supreme Court to end casting a ballot even though the high court doesn’t hear direct challenges and reviews cases that have climbed from the lower courts.

Legal experts have said the election result could get stalled in state-by-state cases over a large group of issues, including whether states can incorporate late-showing up ballots that were mailed by election day.

Dershowitz asserted there is a democratic shortage that is apparent when there is no reasonable clear majority.

“It is, all things considered, an elitist part of the government and one that is not responsible to the people. That is both a virtue and a vice, however, that is America. We are not a pure democracy system like parliamentary democracies in Europe.”