On March 24, after⁢ a challenging couple of seasons, TenZ ⁤and Sentinels finally secured another trophy. This ⁣victory came after a grueling five-map series win over Gen.G in the Masters Madrid final.‌ This ⁢win marks a significant milestone, three years after their last international triumph.

Series Overview

The series was⁢ a⁤ nail-biter, with both ⁢teams winning their map ​picks.⁣ Gen.G emerged victorious on Breeze and Ascent, while Sentinels claimed Bind‍ and Split. As the series moved into Icebox, zekken ⁤was on track for a record number of​ kills, having already achieved ‌89 after four maps, including⁤ 29 on ‍Split alone.

Icebox Showdown

Icebox presented a ⁣contrasting history‍ for both teams. Sentinels had previously⁤ lost their only two‍ Icebox appearances, while ‌Gen.G had a⁢ strong record, winning five out of the six Icebox maps they had played. However, Sentinels defied expectations and demonstrated an attacking masterclass in‍ the second half. Zellsis led the⁢ charge ‍with ‌a +10 kill/death differential, securing his⁤ first international trophy.⁢ Despite ‍a quieter final map, zekken still managed⁢ to notch up 101 kills across the series.

Victory for Sentinels

This victory marked a ⁤first international trophy ‍for Zellsis, zekken, ‌and johnqt. TenZ and Sacy also joined the ranks of the⁣ elite,‌ claiming their second trophies each. By winning​ Masters Madrid, Sentinels earned ⁣three⁢ VCT championship points, the majority of the prize pool, the Clove-themed⁤ trophy, ⁤and a special featured slot on ⁤the VALORANT store for their bundle.​ This win makes Sentinels ⁢the second team to win two international trophies after Fnatic and the first team to win two‌ VCT Masters.

Looking Ahead

With this win, Sentinels are now in a strong position for qualifying for Champions 2024, having earned six points between​ Kickoff and ​Masters Madrid. However, there’s little time for the champions to rest, as the Americas league resumes in just two weeks.