[playht_player width=”100%” height=”90px” voice=”Michael (en-US)”]Samsung recently introduced the brand new Galaxy Z Fold3. This new signature phone comes to lead the pack of foldable mobile devices. Now, on their third generation, its most impressive feature comes within its panels of 6,2 and 7,6 inches. It’s also water-resistant and S Pen compatible, as per Samsung’s release.

This way, Samsung once again shows how the Galaxy Z Fold3 is a significant upgrade over its predecessors from 2019 and 2020.

At first glance, the Galaxy Z Fold3 has a Dynamic AMOLED 2x display. Once deployed, it boasts a 7,6-inch screen with a 2208 x 1768 pixels resolution.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold3 Features A Hidden Camera

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But perhaps the most iconic feature of this phone is one of its cameras. The 4MP camera is hidden below the screen and is perfect for video calls. This technology was developed to make the most of the visualization space without tabs or holes, unlike the first versions of the Z Fold.

Moreover, this foldable screen is fully compatible with the S Pen Fold Edition, a Galaxy Z Fold3 exclusive stylus pen. This pen allows the user to make the most of the sensors located at the edges of the screen.

Also, Galaxy Z Fold3 users may use the S Pen Pro as well. This Bluetooth-connected stylus pen has many additional features and is compatible with most of Samsung’s new devices.

A Strong, Fresh Design

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When it comes to looks, the Galaxy Z Fold3 will be available in black, green, and silver. It boasts a robust design with an aluminum frame to make it completely water-resistant. Also, it’s the first of its kind to be in full compliance with IPX8 regulations. As for the screen, it boasts Gorilla Glass Victus technology, assuring maximum protection from bumps and scratches.

Foldable phones once seemed like a distant concept but they continue to gain ground in today’s market. The way they make the most of visualization and space makes experts believe that they’re the future of worldwide communication, even if some people still find them odd.