Covid-19 has made 2020 a year of pessimism and uncertainty. In addition to the economic fallout, the world is faced with an emotional and mental health crisis. A number of studies have reflected upon how entrepreneurs and businesses are finding it difficult to shun all the negativity and stay motivated. In these uncertain times, one entrepreneur is committed to doing exactly what the business world needs. Brandon White, better known professionally as Positive B. White, is helping businesses grow through positive, passionate, and motivated advertising.

White, a Georgia native, grew up playing a number of sports but was most prominently a track runner. He is a junior Olympic champion with his 4 by 1 track team – an award they won in 1996. He excelled in many sports and won the best offensive player award for Stephenson High School basketball team in 2001. 

Positive B. White turned his passion for sports into a career when he started working in the Public Relations department for the Atlanta Falcons in 2008. He was able to interview players and served as a liaison between the players and the media.

It was in 2014 that White founded his company Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising LLC and has achieved unequivocal success since then. The company’s mission is to encourage businesses and individuals to pursue positivity and passion. The innovative advertising techniques have worked wonders for White and he is adding some famous clients to his company. 

The company has an online talk show and a podcast that has hosted various music producers, directors, professional athletes, and comedians. 

In 2017, White also worked as a Brand Ambassador for the Atlanta Hawks. 

Outside of work, White is working with the Earl Lloyd Foundation to get a commemorative stamp with the U.S Postal Office for the late Earl Francis Lloyd who was the first African American to play in the NBA in 1950.

Positive B. White has found a lot of success in a relatively short span of time but he had to do the hard yards before reaching where he is today. White had to multitask from a young age as he juggled sports with academics. After graduating college, White worked for Delta Airlines in Atlanta and also got enrolled in Clayton State University to enhance his educational background.  

White started from scratch and financed his company by working multiple jobs and saving tax returns. Wary of amassing huge debts and bank loans, he worked overtime to be able to fund his business. It is safe to say that Positive B. White possessed the mental fortitude to succeed at all costs.

White’s hunger and passion were the driving factors behind his success and he acknowledges the role that his positive mindset played in getting him through tough times

“My keys to success in life are having a positive mindset, a strong passion for your craft, and staying motivated to fight through adversity to accomplish your goals,” he said. 

Today, White uses the same positivity and passion to help individuals and companies increase brand awareness and visibility. He has been making waves in the advertising industry but White’s ultimate goal is to leave a legacy. 

“My overall objective is to leave a positive legacy that will outlive me,” pledges Positive B. White.

“I want to create content that will cause others to dream and achieve and spark a revolution of success and accomplishment in various circles worldwide.”