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Pentagon Confirms Military Pilot Captures UFO Sighting In His Phone

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The Pentagon recently confirmed a rare UFO sighting taken by an F1-8 pilot using his phone. The military pilot spots the unidentified aerial object (UAP) near the U.S. Navy jet just off the U.S.’ eastern coast. 

An Unusual Sighting 

Photo from Navy pilot showing unidentified object
Photo from Navy pilot showing unidentified object

The image was taken in 2018 and featured a motionless object flying in mid-air. Initially, the photo was published on The Debrief by journalist Tim McMillian

The image immediately drove social media users to a frenzy. UFO enthusiasts quickly gave their opinion on what the object might be. Others provide a more practical explanation. They believe that it might just be the weather or a party balloon. 

UAP Task Force

Originally, the U.S. established a task force, the UAPTF to investigate the unusual sightings. The team will be responsible for detecting, gathering, and analyzing the reports. 

In recent years, the military took UAP reports more seriously. In the meeting, military officials recognized that it is necessary to determine whether the sightings can be a threat to national security. 

The task force is also in the process of creating a comprehensive report. These include several photos and videos about the UAP incidents. Finally, the team will deliver the result of their investigation in Congress in June. 

The recent briefing was led by the two Aerospace programs, the AAWSAP, and the AATIP. Some members of the Congress also joined in the discussion. 


In a press release, the U.S. government hopes that the UAPTF can shed light on the unusual sightings. In a press statement, the program aims “to improve its understanding of, and gain insight into, the nature and origins of UAPs.” 

Unfortunately, it is not the first time that the government reported a UAP sighting. Early this year, military officials admitted that they are unable to verify the drones that hovered around several military ships. 

In video footage, crew members used night vision to capture a pyramid-shaped object flying above the USS Russell

In addition, people on board the USS Peralta also shared an unusual experience. According to the crew, they saw seeing a white beam of light hovering above the deck. 

The USS Kidd, DDG-100s, a modern Arleigh Burke-class destroyer which attracted the attention of mystery drones in 2019

In another report, several drones also circled two military destroyers in the USS John Finn and USS Kidd. Interestingly, the incident happened on the coast of California where SEAL training is taking place. 

Top Security? 

According to Sue Gough, a representative for the Pentagon, she confirmed that the sightings were valid. However, she refuses to provide more information on the matter. Gough explains, “To maintain operations security and to avoid disclosing information” which can be useful to the enemies.

Moreover, she continues that the Department of Defense does not want to discuss the details of their findings.

In addition, Deputy Secretary David L. Norquist warns against any foreign aircraft that plans to enter the U.S. He also assures that the safety of their crew is a major concern.

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