Hannah Roemhild, a 30-year-old opera singer, was charged with zipping past security checkpoints at President Trump’s resort, after escaping Secret Service agents who spotted her dancing on an SUV.

The bizarre event took place on Friday morning, at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. Policemen saw the Connecticut-born opera singer acting strangely and dancing on the roof of an SUV close to the Breaker’s resort.

The local police officers noticed her, and she avoided the encounter by leading them on a wild goose chase. Reportedly, she drove 70 mph through the busy streets of Palm Beach, picking up a female acquaintance.

At around 11:30 a.m., the pair managed to blow through two security checkpoints at Trump’s resort, while shot at by Secret Service agents. The Florida Highway Patrol promptly put an end to the chase while the women were driving near a vicinity of a hotel.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw reports that the opera singer was “obviously impaired”. He says that “there was clearly no intention”, emphasizing her erratic and ill-fated behavior. Bradshaw says “I’m not sure she knew where she was going”, as the pair disregarded safety and violating all manner of traffic charges.

Roemhild is a regular opera performer in Palm Beach County. Reportedly, according to the locals, this kind of chaotic behavior from the opera singer is unlikely and shocking. Her attorney, David Roth, states that she has a well-documented history of mental illness.

Oddly enough, Reuters reports that there are countless anti-Trump social media posts on Roemhild’s Facebook account that might shed light on the strange event.  She has been posting photos of various demonstrations carrying “Not My President” signs, and other political posts.

President Trump was in Washington during the event. He had an important schedule to go to the Super Bowl events at Mar-a-Lago Sunday.

Sherriff Bradshaw states she will be charged with various crimes. The crimes are assault on a federal officer, deadly assault on a sheriff’s deputy, and reckless driving with other violations.