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Nick Rogers, 21, Details His Climb To The Top As The Owner Of A Seven-Figure Business

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Unpopular opinion: Not all entrepreneurs are made by grit and determination. Some are simply born entrepreneurs, with default grit and determination.

There’s always that kid in the neighborhood who everyone says will grow up to be the next Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. If they are not outside selling lemonade for $1 a cup to the neighbors, they are walking dogs every evening for $2. There’s always something to be done to earn extra cash by themselves, and it’s not always about the money – it’s the thrill of being busy with their hands.

Nick Rogers, a 21-year-old CEO from New York was the typical neighborhood business kid who hated being idle from the moment he could walk. Nick loved working, enjoyed hustling, delighted in building whatever he could, and simply enjoyed the thrill of success. Now the co-founder and CEO of Pvsted Media (pronounced “posted”), a successful Instagram growth company worth almost seven figures, Rogers attributes a lot of the excellence in his life to the energy he developed for entrepreneurship at a young age. He owns several other businesses and investments and is now recognized as one of the top names in Instagram digital marketing.

Tough decisions and great expectations

For a brilliant student who was effortlessly stacking up straight A’s throughout high school, Nick’s decision to drop out of college after just two months came as a shock to a lot of people. He was such a smart young man and school was supposed to be his launchpad. However, Nick discovered quite early that it wasn’t for him.

He said, “I wasn’t there to learn philosophy that I’d never use. I was there to build a business. I was there to learn how to get rich and make my family very wealthy. It became clear to me that at college I was simply wasting my time. If I wanted to start a business, build my personal brand, and have true freedom in life, I needed to go do it on my own.”

While college is an important and necessary phase for lasting success, it simply wasn’t in Nick’s best interests. With the support and understanding of his parents, he went on to work at a car dealership as a salesman. Despite hating the meager-pay job with every fiber of his being, it gave him the foundational knowledge he needed to launch his dreams off the ground.


Nick filed for his first LLC in February 2018 at the age of 19 while still holding down his car salesman job. He started building eCommerce websites and trying his hands at dropshipping. Sadly, a lot of those ventures were disappointing fails.

Looking back, it was so dumb,” Nick said. “Some of the stuff I tried never had a chance. I laugh now, but every time I launched a new one I always had 100% belief that it would work. All the money I made from car sales just got invested in my business in the hopes that something would stick.”

Finally, later that year, Nick’s break came when tried his hands at building Instagram pages and found his true interests. He tried out a few niches and decided to focus on business and entrepreneurship. Within one month, following the successful growth of his first page, Business Driven Dream, Nick put in his resignation at the dealership and became a full-time entrepreneur.

Never backing down

Business Driven Dream hit 100K followers in the first four months, and in less than a year, Nick had garnered over 1 million organic followers across many social networks. In 2019, this massive network came in handy when he partnered with his friend, Gabe Robinson, to launch Pvsted Media, a brand that became the parent organization to all of Nick’s other brands and pages – including Investing Authority. Sticking to what they knew so well, Pvsted Media became an Instagram growth organization that helped smaller personal brands grow their pages and increase visibility on the network.

The brand follows methods and strategies so well-targeted that their first client, Richard Garcia, hit 140,000 organic followers in less than a year.

Nick said, “We helped him build and scale a brand new info-product to over 6 figures per month while raising 8 figures in capital for his real estate business. This was all done on Instagram. Some people are saying he could be the next Grant Cardone. Who knows?”

Pvsted Media has worked extensively with several upcoming and personal brands, scaling each client up to over 100K followers and $100K monthly in revenue – all within a year. The company focuses solely on real, slow, and organic growth, avoiding every hint of growth bots and unnecessary fake followership tactics. In 2021, they are hoping to invest in proper eCommerce brands and larger social networks.

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Nick also owns The Rogers Organization, a company that has allowed him to set his family up for generational wealth as together, they manage several investments and businesses in real estate and digital entities.

Nick is so driven and determined to succeed that he often feels he could have gotten there faster, as he once said, “If thing clicked sooner, and I worked harder, I could have been a millionaire already. Maybe that’s me being hard on myself or maybe it’s my will to win. Either way, we’re going to the top.”

To the aspiring entrepreneurs, he advises: “I want you to start asking yourself ‘why not? Why not me? Why can’t I accomplish anything I set my mind to?’ Bet on yourself, believe in yourself and almost anything is possible.”

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