The Galaxy S24’s unique selling point is its suite of Galaxy ⁢AI generative AI features, developed by Samsung. One of the‍ standout features of Galaxy AI is Circle to Search, a feature that was initially launched exclusively on the Galaxy S24 ⁣and the Pixel 8.

Galaxy AI⁢ Rollout ‍Plan

During the Galaxy ⁣S24 Unpacked event, ‌Samsung confirmed ⁣that more Galaxy flagships would‍ receive Galaxy AI features ​in ​the future,⁤ although a specific date was not provided. However, the company has now announced a rollout plan ⁤for Circle to⁤ Search and Galaxy AI. The Galaxy⁤ S23 series⁣ and other 2023 Samsung ⁢flagship devices will support Galaxy⁣ AI via the upcoming One UI 6.1 software update.

Circle to Search Feature

Circle ‍to Search is arguably the most ‍useful⁢ AI feature of the Galaxy S24. It allows users⁤ to ‌perform a ‌circle gesture ⁢on the screen to search‌ the web for⁣ more information about​ the‍ contents of that‌ circle. This could ⁣be a piece of text, a part of an⁢ image, or something⁢ seen in a video. The‌ AI will⁢ recognize the objects in that circle and attempt to find relevant information online.

Software Update ⁤and Availability

Circle to Search will be available​ on the Galaxy S23 flagships, the⁣ Galaxy S23 FE, and ‌Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 via the One UI 6.1 update. The‍ software rollout will begin on March 28th, according ‍to Samsung. Devices sold at AT&T, ⁣T-Mobile,⁣ US‍ Cellular, Verizon, Amazon, Best Buy, and other retailers ⁢should ​receive ‌the software update. Additionally, the Wi-Fi versions of ​the Galaxy Tab⁤ S9 Ultra,‍ Tab⁣ S9 Plus, and‌ Tab‌ S9 will⁣ get the One UI 6.1 update this week.

Additional Galaxy⁣ AI Features

Besides Circle​ to Search, Galaxy AI⁤ will also introduce features like Live Translate, Generative Edit, and Chat Assist to these Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Live Translate⁤ offers⁤ two-way, real-life live translation ⁤of⁢ phone calls via the Samsung Phone app, ‌including live captions. Generative⁣ Edit allows⁣ users⁣ to edit their photos with generative‌ AI,​ including removing‌ people and objects and‌ filling⁢ in the background. Chat Assist offers translations, grammar tweaks, and style suggestions in various ⁤apps, provided ⁣the Samsung Keyboard is used.

These Galaxy AI features are available for​ free on the supported ⁣devices.⁢ However, Samsung ‍has‌ noted‌ that the Galaxy AI features will be provided ⁤for free until the end of 2025. It is currently unclear what will happen after that, as Samsung has not announced plans to charge a subscription for any of the Galaxy AI ​features it has​ launched so far.