We are often told to look out for early signs and subtle hints of talents in children. Enroll that singing kid in music lessons and take the dancing youngster to early ballet. Put on cooking shows for the child that has an affinity for food and find a good coach for the young footballer. There’s always something for every budding talent, but what exactly do you do with a child that enjoys working hard, earning money, and doing small businesses?

When renowned American businessman, serial entrepreneur, investor, and activist, Bobby Borisov was a kid growing up in Bulgaria, he didn’t have the same dreams and aspirations as most of his peers. think of what he would be in the future – all he cared about was the present, focusing entHe didn’t irely on the little things he could do to earn cash anywhere. Now 42, fully accomplished and still pushing, Borisov’s story reads like an inspirational non-fiction to upcoming entrepreneurs and anyone looking for a surge of energy with their dreams. As an angel investor with a keen eye for hidden opportunities and untapped treasure troves, Bobby has championed the successful enlivening of many suffering businesses and growing startups across the world through his Los Angeles based parent company, Bobby Borisov Investment Holdings, Inc.

Staying true to the visions

Following the successful launch, execution, and rewarding return period of his first business – a grocery store in his dad’s garage – Bobby knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life running businesses.

Following his early schooling in Bulgaria as a kid and a teen, he moved to study economics at the University of Cologne in Germany, a journey that was cut short after four years. However, he has remained an ardent believer in consistent self-education.

Borisov said about his decision to drop out of college. “I was always doing my businesses and did not see why I need a degree in order to make more money. I am always reading books, and constantly educating myself on anything I need to know. Or, lately, I am hiring the right specialists to perform skillful work for me.”

In 1996 and at the age of 18, Bobby launched another business, South West PVC, a region representative of a German factory for PVC plumbing materials. He sold the business three years later, a while before he launched White Label Beauty, a company that distributed French beauty products. In 2004, he spent a while consulting and running point on expansion for Switzerland’s Nespresso before finally moving to his spirit country.

Once upon an American Dream

Full of hopes and visions, energized with re-iterations of the American dream, and as an immigrant who couldn’t speak English, Bobby landed in America and enrolled straight in an English class. He didn’t have a hard time adjusting because he’d become used to traveling around the world and adapting to cultures to figure out business prospects.

He could have chosen any other city in the world to build his investment and management company, but Bobby chose America – the land where anything is possible as long as a person believes and is committed to working hard.

“We hear slogan ‘American Dream’ less and less,” he said. “The world is changing, and the American Dream is fading. Only strong minds can picture it, and make it work for them. I came to the USA to visit and see if that country would offer me a better entrepreneurial opportunity than Europe. After observing and studying the market, I decided to explore real estate development, because I believe that real estate is a basic need for everyone. All of us need a roof over our heads after all.”

His first attempt at a business in the US was a successful venture in the real estate sector. Between 2006 and 2010, he found and operated investment company for acquiring, fixing and selling distressed properties, which produced massive returns for investors. In 2007, he founded the Bobby Borisov Investment Holdings as a primary partner for a wide range of institutions in the society, ranging from non-profits and small offices to commercial banks and private investment firms.

As the economy began to stabilize from 2010 and beyond 2015, Bobby dove into commercial real estate where he erected buildings from scratch and converted use of buildings in order to maximize the potentials for the subject building. Working with his advantage as one of the earliest investors in a fast-saturating market, he delved into other business prospects while consolidating his position as a real estate pioneer transacting millions of dollars in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. During this time, he also co-founded and later sold Get Original, an image-sharing social network that was Pinterest’s biggest competitor.

A hugely successful career

While managing a large number of businesses, raking in returns for investors, and trying out other opportunities through BBIH, Bobby established the Permanent Supportive Housing Foundation in 2015, in Los Angeles. A true activist to support the housing crises, Bobby is passionate about helping people stabilize their lives and give them a chance at renting/owning a safe home and thriving against all odds.

In June 2020, Bobby took a detour from real estate and established two new businesses; LifeHouseNow and Beauty on Fashion. The former is an eCommerce store dedicated to the sales and supply of home furnishing and interior decoration items. The latter, based in Los Angeles, supplies quality fashion, skincare, and makeup accessories.

In advice to other entrepreneurs on relating with clients, Bobby says: “If there are any potentials to do the business you want with someone, then give it a try, even if you have dispositions about it. Experience it, and not pre-judge it, you might be surprised. Don’t allow negative past ruin your future.”

On the political front, Bobby strongly believes in good governance and a government that truly works for the people. While he’s not exactly interested in running for any office himself, he’s passionate about seeing excellent and driven minds occupying important positions in the government. Bobby supports several political journeys actively in the hopes of a better, safer, and more productive America.