[playht_player width=”100%” height=”90px” voice=”Michael (en-US)”]Forty-nine-year-old Sayed Sadaat used to serve as Minister of Communications for the Afghanistan Government. But last December, he was forced to relocate to Germany trying to find a better and safer future.

Now, he’s working as a food delivery man in Leipzig, gaining a lot of public exposure in the wake of the Taliban uproar in Kabul.

Sadaat told Reuters that multiple friends and family members criticized him for taking that kind of job after being a government official. He was in that charge for 2 years until stepping down in 2018. He, however, believes that the only thing that matters right now is to have a job and reinvent himself:

“I have nothing to feel guilty about,” he said. “I hope other politicians also follow the same path, working with the public rather than just hiding.”

Former Afghan Minister Now Works as a Bicycle Courier


Sadaat could’ve fleed to the United Kingdom as he’s also a British citizen. Nonetheless, he thought Germany could provide him with a better economical future given the uncertainty around Brexit and the German rising telecommunication industry.

But even with his impressive background and résumé, Sadaat has struggled to find a job that matches his expertise. In the meantime, he’s trying to learn the language while he continues to work as a bicycle courier:

“The language is the most important part,” said Sadaat. The first few days were exciting but difficult,” he said. The more you go out and the more you see people, the more you learn,” he said.

Sadaat’s family and friends are also trying to flee Afghanistan right now. They hope to be relocated like the thousands of people who managed to escape.

With the United States withdrawing its troops, the number of Afghans trying to seek refugee on German soil has risen over 130%, according to their Migration and Refugee Federal Office.