A few months after threatening to leave the silicon valley state, musk finally moves out into the lone star state, Texas.

It would be recalled that sometime in may this year, the Co-founder of Tesla revealed in a tweet which says “Tesla would now move its head and future program to Texas/Nevada immediately”. This came after his production factory was reportedly hindered from opening up for operation during the pandemic induced lockdown.

California which already has a record of a crazy housing system, stiffening business policies, and a high rate of criminal activities has had people in their mass exiting its borders into other states, and 82,000 out of the 653,000 who left relocated to Texas.

A Stanford review puts it better in its report “All Of California’s Exes Are moving Stanford to Texas”. These two states have taken their positions as economic strongholds with a population of over 40 million in California and 29 million in Texas. 

And overtime Texas has grown its reputation for giving everything contrary to California from low taxes to low-cost housing just to get companies to see why they need to leave and so far, that strategy has yielded a massive positive response from the tired and desperate individuals and companies.

Elon musk may not be bothered about cost but policies have been an impediment.

Although, both of his companies still have their headquarters situated in the Silicon Valley all pointers speculate that they will be moved to Texas in coming years as Musk has some new interest to explore in the lone city-state which has fueled his resolution.

“We’ve got the Starship development here in South Texas, where I am right now,” Musk said, in an interview as this shares insight on the huge space vessel his company is currently building which by projection is to convey the introductory set of humans out to planet Mars.

And another factory by the outskirt of Austin, Called The Giga Texas, whose focus is building the Cyber truck project and every other model around the project.