The regenerated Time ‌Lord in the new trailer for ‌”Doctor Who’s” upcoming temporal jaunts ‌declares, “There’s ​no such thing as monsters, only ⁣creatures you haven’t met‌ yet.” Get ​ready for a completely reimagined dimension of wibbly wobbly, time‍ wimey adventures when “Doctor Who”‌ begins its full 14th season on Disney+ ‌after November’s 60th anniversary and December’s Christmas Special. The first two episodes will be released‍ on May 10 in the U.S. and May 11 in the U.K.

Changes‌ in the Doctor Who Universe

Veteran showrunner Russell T. Davies is likely​ to stir up ‍some controversy among diehard fans with his‍ polarizing changes ⁣in the “Doctor Who”. Aliens Exist and are in secret contact with the US and Israel, claims Former Israeli Space Security Chief universe.⁤ The fifteenth incarnation of the Doctor is played by⁢ Ncuti Gatwa (“Sex⁤ Education”), and his TARDIS companion Ruby Sunday is portrayed by Millie Gibson (“Coronation Street”). The ⁢time-hopping duo will encounter “a terrifying secret that’s been spanning⁢ time and space for decades.”

Official Season Description

The official season description ‌reveals that the Doctor and Ruby will travel ⁤through time and space⁤ on adventures to unknown​ lands, the Regency era in England, outer space worlds, and the Sixties.

Davies’ slight departure in ⁤style and tone for ‍”Doctor Who” will strongly lean into the franchise’s nostalgia ⁣and will feature a diverse roster of foes and friends, both new and old. Gibson’s series longevity has ‌already been cut ‍short as it ⁤was announced back in January that she’ll be replaced⁤ by Varada Sethu (“Jurassic World Dominion”) as the Time Lord’s companion for the 15th‍ season.

Stars and Special Guests

Besides Gatwa and Gibson, other stars and special guests confirmed for “Doctor ⁤Who” Season 14 include Michelle Greenidge ⁤(Carla ⁢Sunday), Angela Wynter (Cherry Sunday), Anita Dobson (Mrs Flood), Jemma Redgrave (Kate Stewart), ‌Bonnie Langford (Melanie “Mel” Bush), Yasmin Finney ‍(Rose Noble), Alexander Devrient (Colonel Christopher Ibrahim),‍ Aneurin Barnard (Roger ap Gwilliam), ​Indira Varma (The Duchess), Lenny‌ Rush (Morris), Jinkx Monsoon, and Jonathan Groff.

“Doctor Who” is executive produced by Phil Collinson, ​Joel Collins, Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter, and is produced by Bad Wolf in association with BBC‌ Studios for Disney Branded⁣ Television.⁤ The show will drop into our timeline exclusively on Disney+ starting May 10, 2024.