These days, the most important aspect of any brand’s success strategy is the growth of an interested audience and a solid digital presence. The world has gone digital and a great percentage of the people who would patronize most companies would be looking for services online. However, when millions of brands are struggling for the same target audiences in a congested online space, the competition becomes overwhelming. In the end, everyone learns a valuable lesson: you can’t keep doing the same things and expecting different results.


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When Layne Schmerin, a famous American entrepreneur and renowned digital marketer wanted to promote his new cannabis organization, he knew he had to get creative with advertising solutions. Recreational cannabis was just getting permitted across the United States and still battling certain “acceptance” hurdles. This was around the time he lost his brother, Brandon, to cancer, and together with his other brother, Jonathan Lepow, Layne decided he was going to build a brand to promote the effectiveness of medical cannabis, especially for people dealing with immeasurable pain.

Layne and Jonathan created Top Tree Agency, a marketing brand that was initially focused on cannabis advertisement and promotion for their organization. The brothers quickly discovered that their marketing strategies had opened up a treasure trove with an untapped market as the deals kept flooding in. People could see them, people heard them, and people related to the content they pushed through social media. Their impact was strongly felt and it was at this point that they decided to take Top Tree Agency to the next level.

“We gained experience through learning from our own cannabis company. People reached out to us, and we realized we could do so much more,” Jonathan said.

We realized that we can help out others and look at us now, we are having a network of more than 10 million and I am glad that we are helping people in growing their brands. It feels good to be the catalyst of positive change,” he said to Big Time Daily.

Breaking the vicious cycle of unprofitable marketing – here’s how Top Tree does it

Following their work with top brands like Advanced Nutrients, Ignite Cannabis, Kushy Punch, Atlantic Records, and HempCo, Top Tree Agency has become a marketing giant with over 10 million connections across the globe.

Like many other marketing firms, they work with images and visual aids, but Top Tree has a rather aggressive, relentless, and targeted way of doing things. Advertising funds usually a restraint for most brands and the idea is to maximize what a company has set for out for visibility. For example, they’ve tapped into the meme culture rocketing the 21st century, using ideas and funny content that resonate with society to subliminally and consciously market a brand’s products/services.

Detailing their work process, Layne said to California Herald: “We basically use four steps and according to the results till today they are very effective. Basically, we start by growing the account organically and then we start to generate traffic and after that, we optimize the traffic and in the end, we run ad campaigns to target the desired audience and this is how we work.”

With more than 1 million followers across social media networks, Top Tree is loved and appreciated by people who enjoy what they do. Their work process is essentially the same for every client but Layne and his team ensure to conduct proper research into every client’s specific products, target audience, and expected results. They are also banking heavily on social media influencers and traffic amplifiers to get their customers on the right track. Of course, they are very successful on every front.

Advising upcoming digital marketers, he said: “Keep on learning as it keeps on evolving. Don’t get disappointed if you are not getting success as this world takes time and you have to work hard and need to keep calm and need to have faith as your hard work will pay off eventually.”