President Joe Biden’s reelection bid is facing some resistance from within the Democratic Party. Some party members are questioning his plans to run for a second term, with just 37% of Democrats nationwide wanting him to run again, according to a poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. A majority of New Hampshire Democrats are unhappy with Biden’s messy withdrawal from Afghanistan and the administration’s attempt to end the state’s status as home to the first-in-the-nation presidential primary. There are also concerns about Biden’s age. However, Democratic governors, senators and congressional representatives are virtually unanimous in supporting Biden’s reelection.

Primary challenge prospects

The situation in New Hampshire is particularly interesting as voters there served Biden an embarrassing fifth-place finish in the 2020 Democratic primary. There is some appetite for a serious primary challenger in 2024, but top-tier prospects don’t seem to be interested, and so far, only Democratic activist and author Marianne Williamson has entered the 2024 primary field. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of the late New York senator and known for railing against vaccines, has also met with New Hampshire voters and is leaning towards a bid.

However, Biden supporters believe that the primary dispute will be long forgotten by the time voters cast ballots in November 2024, especially with former President Donald Trump or one of his Republican acolytes on the ballot. In fact, some of the most popular two-term presidents confronted opposition from within their own parties ahead of their reelection, including Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Accomplishments boosting reelection campaign

Biden has presided over significant accomplishments that could boost a reelection campaign. He signed into law a sweeping pandemic relief package and an infrastructure bill, and his administration has made progress on climate change, voting rights, and the economy. The White House remains confident in his ability to win a second term. A spokesman said, “We’re aware pundits’ attitude toward President Biden is unchanged from before he earned the nomination faster than anyone since 2004, won the most votes in American history, built the strongest legislative record in generations, and led the best midterm outcome for a new Democratic president in 60 years.”

Biden’s Allies Remain Optimistic

While there are some concerns and unease about Biden’s reelection campaign, his administration’s accomplishments could still help him secure another term in office. The primary dispute in New Hampshire might not matter as much by the time voters cast their ballots in November 2024, and Biden’s allies remain optimistic that he can win.