Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has said that she might quit politics if Democrats keep on being “hostile” towards progressive causes. 

In a meeting with The New York Times, simply a short time after president-elect Joe Biden was announced the victor of the 2020 political race, AOC conceded that she didn’t even know for sure that she planned to run for reelection this year. 

“I really don’t have the foggiest idea. I don’t even know whether I want to be in politics,” she told the paper. 

“You know, seriously, in the initial six months of my term, I didn’t know whether I planned to run for reelection this year.” 

Yahoo reports that when inquired as to why she referred to “stress”, “violence” and “absence of support from your own party” as her reasons. 

Ocasio-Cortez won re-election by an enormous edge earlier this week. 

The progressive congresswoman advocates for universal single-payer health care and the Green New Deal. 

She is transparently criticizing Democrats for declining to grasp progressive causes and signposted the arising fracture between the progressive and moderate ends of the party for her increasing frustration with the party. 

“Externally, there’s been a huge load of support, yet inside, it’s been very hostile to anything that even smells progressive,” she set forth. 

On Saturday, the congresswoman congratulated President-elect Biden and VP elect Kamala Harris before quickly complaining about the Democrats‘ hostile display in races all over the country

Democrats had a horrifying showing with respect to picking up House seats and are in a two-seat run-off fight for Senate control. 

“I decided to run for re-election since I sensed that I needed to demonstrate that this is real. That this movement was genuine. That I wasn’t a fluke,” AOC said when inquired as to why she chose to remain in the race. 

“That people truly need ensured health care and that people truly need the Democratic Party to fight for them.”